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So you got assigned to me and now you have to write a fic...

Hi! This is [personal profile] cryptaknight's writing journal. I saw this linked on an exchange request over at [ profile] smutty_claus and thought it might come in handy for those unfamiliar with me who've been assigned to write for me in an exchange. This is pretty HP-specific, with a little Monster High tossed in; if you want to know about another fandom, leave me a comment.

OMG I got [personal profile] cryptaknight! What do I do???

Slash: I don't tend to ask for slash, so this is probably a non-issue. Boy!slash is something I don't typically write, not because of an aversion, but simply because as a mostly heterosexual female, it falls well outside my realm of experience, and I don't feel I could do it justice in writing, especially writing of an R-NC 17 nature; I'm willing to dabble in lower rated fics, however, and certainly do not mind it as a pairing in fics I receive (especially if someone wants to write me Destiel, I'm just sayin'). I do enjoy femmeslash, but it is so very rare in my fandom. I've written it, and I'd be willing to again! At the moment, however, s_c is the only exchange I'm participating in, and it's a het exchange, so the point is largely moot, unless the writer plans a secondary, slashy pairing. F/F pairings I enjoy are Hermione/Pansy, Hermione/Luna, Lavender/Padma, and Clawdeen/Draculaura (the last one is MH; HP writers, just ignore it!).

Het: I like a wide, wide variety of het pairings. My bulletproof pairings are Zacharias pairings, though I am particular about how he is characterized (hint: go deeper than canon, while still keeping him in canon character; an explanation for his behavior at the Battle of Hogwarts is usually a plus).

I am a Draco fan, as well, but I prefer writers who tread carefully with Draco- I don't want him to be unrepentantly evil, but he shouldn't be fluffy, either. I like to see him dealing with the fallout from the last couple of canon books- ie, Voldemort living in his house, spending time in Snape's company, the choices his parents made, the choices he made. I love Draco/Hermione but it should be plausible. In general, I love my Slytherins; stories about Draco/Pansy, Theodore/Pansy, Blaise/Pansy, etc make me happy.

I also enjoy Ron when not with Hermione (though I would like their relationship addressed in some way- just say why they broke up). Ron/Lavender, Ron/Pansy: these are love.

I like reading about Neville, though I cannot write him. Same goes for Harry, same goes for Luna. I do not care for Ginny, for the most part. Sorry.

Other things I would prefer not to see are: MWPP/L, next gen, teachers other than Snape, Arthur/Molly, creature fic other than vampire/werewolf.

Threesome: I can enjoy a good threesome, but I prefer it as a sexual event or an angst-filled plotline (ie, a character torn between two lovers), rather than as a fluffy central ship. The exceptions to this rule would be my MH OT3- Frankie/Jackson/Holt, Stranger Things OT3- Jonathan/Nancy/Steve, and Star Wars OT3- Finn/Rey/Poe.

Gen: Hmm. Well, I like some romantic element, usually, even if it's just a sub-plot/side-plot, but I suppose if you were to write me gen, I would like something pretty plotty- an adventure, a mystery, something like that.

Dislikes: I covered this somewhat under "Het", but I'll expand. I dislike the following: non-canon characterization (it's fine to expand/develop/grow, but I want canon roots), goofy nicknames (Mione, Scorp, Dray, Sev, Siri, etc.; I don't mind relatively logical things like shortening Zacharias to Zach, or unique nicknames that play a role in the pairing), airhead females, unrepentantly evil characters (rapey!Snape, murderous!Draco), a lack of plot, overly fluffy fic, pregnancy fic, poor grammar, poor spelling, disregard to canon. Basically I dislike anything that is OOC or poorly written. Please be thoughtful and give me a plot and characters I can enjoy!

Kinks: My kinks are pretty tame- I like things like rough sex, shower sex, gotta-have-it-right-now sex, semi-public sex, light bondage (silk scarves and blindfolds, not whips and chains), anonymous sex (something involving a masquerade and mixed up identities would be amazing), teasing, oral sex, forbidden relationships, basically anything that gives the sex a hint of urgency or danger.

Squicks: NON-CON. I cannot stress this enough. It is not just a squick, it is a trigger, and I will be very, very upset with any sort of non-con. Just don't write it for me. Please. Angry or hate-sex is okay, as long as both parties clearly want it, but other than that, dub-con is best avoided as well. On a less serious note, I do not enjoy the following: anal, chan, scat, watersports, non-sexual bodily fluids, overly purple or euphemistic phrasing (ie "aching core", "throbbing sword", "tight sheath", "budding flower", "honeyed nether lips", and so on), mpreg, marriage law, women being treated as broodmares, men being treated as walking cocks.

Other: Canon-compliance is big for me; that said, feel free to ignore the epilogue if it will suit your story better. That said, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Pansy, Remus/Tonks, Bill/Fleur and Harry/Ginny are pre-epilogue canon, and should be dealt with in some way, even if it is a single line explaining that they broke up for X reason. I'm not a fan of edging up the characters in non-canon ways via tattoos and piercings and sudden obsession with Muggle music/clothes/devices. Try to work with the broad and fascinating universe we're given. Also, I really enjoy stories involving vampires and werewolves, so please don't be shy about including them. I'm not saying if it's not in canon, don't write it, but be mindful of the rules of JKR's universe and plot accordingly. Expanding is great, whether it's theories of magic or a deeper look at what it means to be a werewolf in her world- just aim to make it plausible.

ART: Just keep the characters canon, that's all I ask. I love art, and I love a wide variety of styles. Make sure Lavender, Draco, Bill, etc have scars. Make sure Hermione's hair is bushy. Give Ron freckles. And so on. That's all I ask.

If you have any art questions, feel free to ask below.

This journal has anonymous posting available. You can ask questions here anonymously and I will do my best to answer them for a fic exchange. But you'd have to check back to see what I've said.

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