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I wrote some drabbles to get some writing exercise on tumblr a while back, and most of the requests were from the MH fandom. I'm just gathering them here because I am a magpie with my own work. Most are no higher than PG13, I believe.

"Whatcha doing?"

Spectra’s ghostly head popped though the parapet, and Rochelle had time to be very glad that she was made of stone and didn’t move so quickly without her rollerskates.

"Stop doing that!" she said, in her lightly accented voice. To ease the harshness of her tone, she patted the bit of roof next to her, silently asking Spectra to take a seat. "Are you asking for yourself or for the Ghostly Gossip?"

"Oh, myself," said Spectra airily. "I’m not interrupting you, am I?"

Non,” Rochelle said, shaking her head. “I was hoping you would join me, actually.”

It hadn’t taken very long attending Monster High for Rochelle to discover that if she wanted privacy, the roof was the place to go. Most of the other students were too afraid to join her on the highest parts. All except Spectra. Rochelle supposed that ghosts had no reason to be afraid of heights. They’d just float there if they slipped, wouldn’t they?

Spectra had become something of a regular companion, and that had moved to friendship, and eventually more. Now, Rochelle was very glad that Spectra was brave enough to join her, and that no one else was. The privacy had afforded her the chance to learn how to hold Spectra without her hands passing through her, and allowed her to discover that no matter how heavy Rochelle might be, she could never crush the ghost ghoul. And Spectra, in turn, had discovered that even stone had ticklish spots… and tender ones.

She was putting that knowledge to good use now, her barely there fingers moving along Rochelle’s speckled neck. Rochelle turned slowly to face her.

"Does it matter what I was doing?” she asked tartly, though her lips curved into a smile.

"Not at all," Spectra said, and replaced her fingers with her lips.


Everything about the day was clawsome. Great music, great weather, school was done for the year, and it was time to party. The Weird Sisters were about to take the stage, and the crowd was a crush of ghouls and mansters waiting to get their mosh on.

Deuce took advantage of the mob, reaching over to help himself to a nice handful of wolf. Clawd Wolf, to be exact. He’d never been able to resist Clawd’s ass when he wore those shorts. Clawd let out a yelp, then laughed when he realized who’d copped a feel.

Clawd leaned close, so he could be heard over the yelling fans. “Don’t grab it unless you mean it.”

Deuce tipped his head back, lifting his mouth near his taller friend’s ear. “Who said I didn’t?”

Clawd shot back a look that hit Deuce right in the pit of the stomach. Deuce wasn’t sure how he made it through the rest of the show; he could barely focus on the punk monster band when he was thinking about the wolf bouncing and bobbing his shaggy head next to him.

As soon as the set ended, Deuce grabbed Clawd by the hand, not paying much attention to where he was pulling him except that it needed to be away from everyone else. He stopped under the grandstand; they could see people’s feet overhead, through the slats in the bleachers, but it was hidden enough. Deuce didn’t care who knew how badly he wanted Clawd, but he wasn’t a fan of PDA, and he definitely intended to Display some Affection.

When he pulled Clawd close, Clawd growled in that way that just set him off. Deuce crushed his mouth to Clawd’s, not caring much about art or skill, just needing his lips, and his tongue, and the feel of his hands clutching at his back. Clawd had claws, and even with a shirt on, they’d leave marks on Deuce’s back. Deuce liked it that way, though, liked seeing them in the mirror as he stepped into the shower, and knowing they marked him as Clawd’s.

He pressed Clawd against the metal support column, and tuned out the entire festival as he lost himself.


The sun was blisteringly hot, but Deuce didn’t mind. Hot days meant afternoons at the pool behind the enormous de Nile home (although Cleo liked to call it an ‘oasis’, and Deuce indulged her). And afternoons at the pool meant staring at Cleo’s long, tanned legs, her lithe body in a gold bikini, and her dark hair shimmering under the bright sun. And all of that reminded him of last summer, when he’d fallen for her, when she’d been with Clawd and all he could do was try not to get caught staring and feel like the worst friend in the world.

Of course, all of that had worked out in the end, and they were good memories now. The sun reminded him of Cleo, and Cleo was the person he loved thinking about most. She was different than people thought, when they were alone. He had a hard time putting it all into words, but when they were together, and she was snugged against his side, he felt like everything was right in his world.

Right now, he was basking in that feeling, as well as the sun, and very much enjoying lazing about poolside, admiring his beautiful girlfriend. Even his snakes were calm and relaxed, drinking in the warmth. So naturally, the love of his life decided at that moment to tower over him, blocking the sun and looking very much like she wanted something.

"Deucey," she cooed, in that tone that let him know whatever she was about to ask was bound to lead to trouble. "Look at what I found in the sarcophagus room."

Nothing good was ever found in that room. Point of fact: some sort of ancient artifact dangled from Cleo’s elegant hand. It looked like an amulet, and it glowed in an unearthly way.

Sighing, he propped himself up on his elbows. “What does it do?”

Cleo grinned, a sly and cunning grin that made his blood run even warmer. He knew then that he was going to go along with what she wanted, because of that smile.

"The heiroglyphs with it say it acts as an invisibility cloak. Those under its shield can see one another, but no one outside can see them. I thought it sounded… interesting." She arched a dark brow, and began toying with the string tying her bikini top together in a fashion that made Deuce’s throat tighten.

Oh yeah, he was gonna go along with this.

"Hot tub?" he managed to ask.

"I think so," Cleo said, activating the amulet as she sauntered away, tugging on that string and loosening her top.

Deuce was right behind her, though he waited til he was at the edge of the jacuzzi to loose his trunks. He joined Cleo in the water, his hands finding her hips. He began to lower his head, only to hear a most unwelcome voice entering the poolside.

"Nefera," Cleo hissed, folding her arms over her chest, much to Deuce’s dismay.

Deuce held his breath as Nefera approached. His girlfriend’s sister already disapproved of him, and he knew she’d run right to Rameses to bust them if she discovered what they were up to. She came right to the edge of the hot tub, and paused. Then she looked around, pouted, made a huffing noise… and turned on her heel and left.

Cleo’s sly smile returned, and she wound her arms around Deuce. “Guess it worked, hmmm?”

"How long does it last?" he asked, his hands beginning to roam.

"No idea, so stop wasting time talking."

Sure, Cleo could be a little bossy, but Deuce liked her that way.


The Bois de Bologne was just as beautiful as Rochelle remembered it. It felt wonderful to be back in Scaris, to see her family and climb the old churches, but most of all to be in the park, seeing the rose gardens and the gorgeous greenery. She felt truly French, and said as much to Catrine.

The white cat giggled. “You have not been gone so long, have you?”

Non. But it feels an eternity,” Rochelle answered as they settled atop a blanket, staring up at the sky. “Sometimes I am truly surprised I can even speak French any longer.”

"Shall I quiz you?" Catrine asked, mischief alight in her eyes. "What is the word for this?"

Her dainty white hand touched Rochelle’s.

Le main," Rochelle answered, a smile curving her lips.

"And this?" Catrine’s voice was innocent as her hand gently landed on Rochelle’s hip.

La hanche,” Rochelle responding, sounding like a dutiful school girl.

Catrine giggled, then leaned close. “And this?”

Her finger tips brushed over Rochelle’s lips.

Les levres,” Rochelle breathed, the air from her mouth ghosting over Catrine’s fingers.

"See, you remember just fine," Catrine said, her hand moving up to twine in Rochelle’s candy-floss colored hair.

Oui, I remember everything important.”


"This place is really good, Venus," Lagoona said. "I’m surprised Draculaura hasn’t dragged everyone here."

"It just opened," Venus explained, smiling with her eyes at the ghoul across the table as she took another bite of her vegan dessert. Most people weren’t into the idea, but vegan baking was actually really fabulous- so moist and flavorful that Venus was often tempted to skip her main course and go straight for the red velvet. Lagoona Blue, however, wasn’t most people, as Venus had recently discovered.

"Well, I’m glad you’ve brought me. You don’t mind if I tell her, do you?" Lagoona asked, after swallowing the last bite of her own dessert.

"No," Venus said, tipping her head quizzically. "Why would I?"

Lagoona lifted one shoulder in a shrug. “Didn’t know if you fancied making it our place, yeah?”

"Oh," Venus said, understanding. Until recently, she’d never even imagined that she and Lagoona would have a special place, and in fact she often pinched herself to make sure the last week or so had been real.

So far it still was. The restaurant was real, the showers were real, knowing what Lagoona’s masses of blonde curls felt like in her fingers was real. All of it. And Venus wasn’t sure how she’d gotten so lucky, but she wasn’t about to go looking for reasons when she could be enjoying how happy she was.

As she stood up, Venus smiled and held her hand out to her ghoulfriend.

"Where to next?" Lagoona asked.

"Oh, anywhere," Venus answered.

Anywhere was special, when she was with Lagoona Blue.
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