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Title: Howlcoming
Pairing: Frankie/Jackson/Holt
Summary: When two boys ask Frankie Stein to the big dance, she has to make a choice. Doesn't she?
Rating: PG
Word count: ~1200
Author's notes: This is a work of fanfiction based on the Monster High franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Written for Arjay, one of the bestest people on tumblr. Happy birthday, boo, and thank you always for encouraging my doll addiction in the best way possible!

Frankie gave her hair a final pat, hoping nothing would cause her to spark and send the carefully arranged curls into wild disarray. Clawdeen had gone over and over how to style the hair, snorting in exasperation that Frankie wouldn't just join the rest of them over at Cleo's to get ready for the big dance. It was their first big night out together, though, and Frankie had wanted a little privacy. Things were still new.

Things could still go wrong.

Jackson had asked Frankie to howlcoming a few weeks back, in the morning before Mad Science, all sweet and stammering and rubbing at the back of his neck. And then Holt had asked her at lunch, running up to her yelling “Frankie Fine! Be mine!”

She'd told them both she'd have to think.

Then she'd immediately turned to her friends for help. Frankie had Home Ick with Operetta, and they'd spent most of the class ignoring Mrs. Kindergrubber while they discussed the pros and cons. As they left, Frankie thanked her ghoulfriend for listening; she'd worried it might be mega weird, since Operetta had gone on a date with Holt.

“Aw, no worries, sugar,” Operetta had laughed. “It wasn't a very good date. And that was all before I was aware of his condition.” She tipped her head, winking at Frankie. “I ain't got the patience for all that. You're much better at it.” Then Operetta looked at Frankie, smiling brightly. “But hey, look on the bright side- if you say yes to one, it's still like you're taking the other, isn't it?”

With that, Operetta had sashayed away, leaving Frankie standing near the door to the classroom gnawing on her bottom lip and fidgeting with the stitches on her wrist.

Another voice from behind nearly startled her. “Where I come from, people date in threesomes and moresomes all the time.”

Frankie had turned to see Jellica Terrestrial standing behind her. Her voice tinged with hope, she asked, “Really?”

“You bet. It's radical.”

Frankie grinned. She loved the way Jellica dressed and talked, which Draculaura had assured her was totally retro. But then, Frankie was a little retro herself. Jellica tossed her long blonde and green hair over her shoulder, and gave her a knowing look before she left.

Frankie decided to check with Jellica's sister, Eyesis, to be sure. Jellica said a lot of things, and since Frankie had never traveled to the alien's home planet, she had no way of knowing when the new ghoul was pulling her leg. She'd cornered the Eyesis in the restroom, where she was carefully applying a voltageous silver lipstick. Eyesis had looked at her, the third eye in the middle of her forehead blinking slowly before she nodded.

“Oh, yes. My cousin has two fathers and three mothers.”

It all got Frankie thinking. She invited Jackson to study with her after school, at her house, and once they were alone (well, as alone as her parents would allow, which was in the living room while her mom puttered in the lab and her dad made dinner in the kitchen), she broached the topic. Having done this drill with Jackson and Holt before, she had her iCoffin ready to record both halves of the conversation.

Taking a deep breath, she said, “I want to go with both of you.”

Jackson had been hesitant. He was more protective of his time as himself, Frankie knew. Holt, who didn't get as many chances to be out and about, had agreed almost immediately. It was Holt's yes that had gotten Jackson to waver. There was always something wistful in Holt's eyes when he talked directly to Jackson, and it tugged Frankie's heartstrings. She guessed it did the same for Jackson.

“I suppose it'll make things less complicated?” he'd asked.

“For me,” Frankie admitted. It had been difficult to date Jackson before she'd known his secret, never knowing if he'd be there when she returned, or if Holt Hyde would have mysteriously shown up instead. She knew it had been even worse for the two of them, to lose themselves mid-conversation or mid-activity and not know why. Dating just one of them seemed impossible, though, because as Operetta had said, the other one was always along for the ride. “But maybe for all of us. We won't know unless we try.”

So in the end, Jackson had agreed, too.

None of them was stupid- they'd given it a trial run before the dance. Frankie dated both of them; picnics and afternoons at the bookstore with Jackson, a clawsome music club and trips to the skate park with Holt. She was having the time of her unlife. She learned that though technically they had the same mouth, Jackson's kisses were sweet and full of longing, while Holt's were intense and made her feel like her skin was on fire. Jackson held her hand like it was a precious thing; Holt was just as likely to pick her up and swing her around before wrapping her in a tight bear hug. They were so different, and yet the expression in their eyes when they looked at her? That was entirely the same.

Best of all, there was an ease in the two boys that Frankie only now realized had been missing. Like it was a relief that everything had become so simple, no matter how complicated it looked from the outside.

“The ghoul is greedy,” Cleo had sniffed, but Frankie knew she was just teasing. Cleo didn't like anyone having more of anything than she did, but Cleo also thought Deuce was worth ten of every boy at school. That ghoul loved as fiercely as she did everything else.

“It seems like a lot of work,” Clawdeen had said doubtfully. But it wasn't, really. It helped that Frankie was a go with the flow sort of ghoul.

“I'm just glad you're happy,” Draculaura had squeed, hugging Frankie. And Frankie was. She thought Holt and Jackson were, too.

It was unusual, but it worked, which was basically the story of Frankie's unlife.

And now it was the night of howlcoming, and Frankie was optimistic. Nothing had gone wrong yet, except one time when Holt had left to get drinks at the movies and returned as Jackson. Jackson had known where to find her, though, which was an improvement from their very first movie date all that time ago, and when Frankie had explained she was out with Holt, Jackson had shrugged and put his headphones back on.

Tonight, Jackson picked her up, but Holt had the first dance. Then she'd taken him outside, away from the music, and given Jackson a gentle kiss. Later, Holt had tugged her behind the bleachers and seared her lips with his own. It was all wonderful, and Frankie decided that she didn't give a bat's ass what anyone thought about it.

Towards the end of the evening, Frankie excused herself from her date and her ghoulfriends, and wound her way to the other side of the gym, where she'd spotted the Terrestrial sisters. Jellica was wearing something fabulously neon and lacy, Eyesis elegant in fitted metallics.

“Ghouls, I just want to thank you,” Frankie said, taking them by their hands. “So it would be my honor if you'd come dance with me and my boyfriend- whichever one of them is available.”

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