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It was the eyes, Pansy had decided. Harry had discovered how to put those big green eyes to the best advantage, and he could be ruthless when he came to using them. He would have made a very fine Slytherin, mastering such manipulation, but she was very glad he hadn’t been one. Even if he was abusing those lovely eyes.

Certainly she would never have agreed to this camping if he hadn’t turned those weapons on her. She was certain she would never have said yes based only upon his crooked smile and that one piece of hair he could never quite manage to keep out of his face.

Oh, sod it all. Pansy was quite terrible at saying no to Harry Potter. And her punishment for being so weak of spine was that she was now to spend the night sleeping outdoors, of all places. Eating out of tins. Even the loo was quite a walk from their tent, though Pansy supposed she ought to be grateful for small favours- Harry had at least remembered he was a wizard and made it bigger on the inside. Which was rather a good thing, because early into the evening, ominous rainclouds had appeared overhead, and now they were not ‘enjoying nature’s bounty’, as Harry had promised. They had retreated to the enlarged tent.

Pansy had rather happily given up on being outdoors at all, and had ignored Harry’s frown when she had emerged in her robe and slippers. She also ignored how his frown deepened when she began lighting candles.

"They’re charmed, Potter. Stop fretting."

"Potter, is it?" Harry snorted, the candles forgotten.

"Yes, when I’m vexed with you."

"You’re vexed?" He folded his arms across his chest, looking at Pansy archly.

"Indeed. You promised me a romantic night under the stars, not a soggy night under a rain cloud," she sniffed. Settling herself on the cot, she tucked her feet under her and opened a book.

She didn’t get more than half a sentence read, because Harry had seen fit to stomp over and pluck the book from her hands. Pansy very carefully kept her face irritated, though inwardly she was gleeful. She did so like when he became aggressive like this.

Harry pointed his wand at the roof of the tent, biting out a word in Latin. The fabric morphed into a clear, dark blue, pin pricks of light sparkling against the false night sky.

"There are your stars," he said, leaning down toward her.

"Hmm, so there are." Pansy affected a bored face, now. "And the romance?"

With a growl, Harry swept her into his arms, his mouth crushed against hers in a searing kiss. When he finally lifted his lips from hers, he murmured, “Satisfied?”

"Not yet," she said. "But it’s a start."

In any event, Pansy was done complaining for the night. Harry kept her lips far too busy for that.

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