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I picked up my pre-ordered copy of Eclipse yesterday; I was so glad I pre-ordered, because we got well over a hundred copies in, and were sold out by 7 pm. Anyway, I started reading as soon as I got home, and finished up about an hour ago.

Somewhat spoilery review of Eclipse. )
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So today I picked up the first volume of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter graphic novel, mostly because I found myself unable to resist the gorgeous artwork, but also because I like the idea of a graphic novel geared towards a female audience, and because it's Guilty Pleasures, so it's vintage Anita at her zombie-raising, vampire-slaying best. It's been forever since I read GP, but it's come back to me now. Phillip and his tragic self, crazy ass Valentine and Nikolaos, vulnerable and only sort of powerful Jean Claude, and Edward as cold and calculating Death. It really made me miss the early books in the series, and made me want to re-read... up to Obsidian Butterfly, anyway. I was like, Bert! What happened to Bert? And Dolph is sort of pleasant. Oh, and the wererats, realized with ink and paper, are pretty intimidating. I could never quite picture them before. Anyway, it was kinda pricey at $20, before my discount, but I'm glad I snagged it. It was really a beautifully packaged volume.

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