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I present to you the 48 Laws of Pimpology.

Law 1 Purse First, Ass Last
Law 2 Get a Name in a Game
Law 3 Don't Chase 'Em, Replace 'Em
Law 4 Keep a Ho in Arrears
Law 5 Prey on the Weak
Law 6 When Pimpin' Begins, Friendship Ends
Law 7 Pimp the Game
Law 8 Don't Let Your History Be a Mystery
Law 9 Learn the Rules
Law 10 Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
Law 11 Avoid Gorillas and Godzillas
Law 12 Ain't No Love in This Shit
Law 13 Pimp Like You're Ho-less
Law 14 Better a Turnout Than a Burnout
Law 15 Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
Law 16 Give Motivation and Inspiration
Law 17 Get You a Bottom Bitch
Law 18 Cop and Blow
Law 19 Turn Ho Ends into Dividends
Law 20 Get In a Ho's Head
Law 21 A Ho Without Instruction Is Headed for Self-Destruction
Law 22 Keep Hoes on Their Toes
Law 23 A Ho Joins a Stable to Ruin It
Law 24 Set the Trend
Law 25 Grind for Your Shine
Law 26 The Game Is to Be Sold, Not Told
Law 27 Keep Your Game on the Low
Law 28 Be a Leader
Law 29 Play One Ho Against the Next
Law 30 Prosperity over Popularity
Law 31 Look Out for Suzy Choosy
Law 32 Turn a Tramp into a Champ
Law 33 Bring Your People with You to the Top
Law 34 Show Respect to Get Respect
Law 35 Trust Nothing but the Game
Law 36 Be Internationally Known, Nationally Recognized, and Locally Accepted
Law 37 Let a Ho Know
Law 38 Wreck a Hater
Law 39 Switch Up
Law 40 Don't Down 'Em, Crown 'Em
Law 41 Keep Your Front Up Till You Come Up
Law 42 If You Can See It, You Can Be It
Law 43 Talk Shit andSwallow Spit
Law 44 You Need Fire and Desire
Law 45 Get Rid of the Word "If"
Law 46 Move and Shake Like a Pimp Shakes
Law 47 Pimpin' Is What You Do, Not Who You Are
Law 48 Don't Believe the Hype

From Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Game by Pimpin' Ken.

I had a full blown entry done earlier, but LJ was down for me for most of the days. I'm tired now, so instead of insight, you get Pimpology. The number of middle aged white men I see buying, or at least perusing, this book is highly amusing.

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