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I'm testing Semagic right now. I used to use an LJ client back in the old iMac days, and I'd forgotten how convenient it was, especially if LJ was experiencing technical difficulties, or if I wanted to post to multiple accounts in quick succession (ala RPGs). So something positive has come out of all the drama, for me at least.

Also, I do have accounts on IJ, GJ, and Vox (cryptaknight at every one of 'em), although they are not used at all, in the case of IJ and GJ, and are a RL journal, in the case of Vox. I don't intend to leave LJ, but I figured better safe than sorry, and that way anyone who does choose to leave (and I totally understand why you might want to) can friend me, etc.

Wow, could I use any more parentheses in less sentences? (((( )))) There.

In other news, I had a customer complain about my quad the other day, demanding to know why I'd placed the Koran/Qu'ran in Religious Fiction. *sigh* Islam/Islamic scripture, etc, happens to share a bay with religious fiction, and as the ratio is 2/5 to 3/5, so although the shelves are clearly labeled as "Islam," and "Islam, Islamic Scripture, Sufism," the header sign is "Religious Fiction." Or was. I switched it to just plain "Religion." Tomorrow, time allowing, I'm going to look at the flow of the section and see if I can rearrange it so that sort of thing isn't an issue, but sheesh. Sometimes I think people just look for things to wank about.

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